It’s been a bad week please don’t take a picture.

It’s not been a good week.

I always have my chemo on a Thursday morning. Every three weeks. So at lunch time I checked to see what time my appointment will  be tomorrow. I couldn’t find the letter. Then I remembered that they always give me a letter for the next chemo appt at my previous one. But they didn’t last time. I thought that it would arrive in the post so wasn’t worried. Then I forgot that it never arrived.

I phoned the day therapy centre at 12 and was told that my chemo is at 14:30 today. I was surprised but said I could make it. Then I realised that they only did my pre-chemo blood test at 10 this morning. The results probably wouldn’t get through in time. I phoned them back and had to leave a message. I phoned my breast cancer nurse and got cut off. I phoned my Picc nurses and left a message. I saw I had a message from my bc nurse- they would mark my bloods as urgent. Good. I could still have chemo today. I got a call from the day therapy (where I have the chemo). They wouldn’t get the bloods in time, I had to come in and have a new blood test at the hospital. But I had to get there asap. We dropped the kids at my parents’ house with 10 minutes notice and left

Thankfully they were able to take my bloods right away so I could still have chemo today. There was a bit of a wait to get the results, but I didn’t mind. Now I am sitting in my chemo chair waiting to have the steroids and then the saline before chemo.

It’s a new regime so I don’t know how my body will react. I have done very well so far, but saw an oncologist last week who warned me that I might lose my nails, get very flaky skin and get bad flu-like pain that ibuprofen won’t touch. Needless to say that I don’t fancy any of these side-effects, thanks. If you pray, please pray with me against these.

On Sunday night, Bethany (2) woke up at 1:00 and was sick all over me. If you don’t know, when you start chemo you are warned that due to it killing white blood cells, you need to be very careful not to be around sick people as you could get much more ill than normal if you pick up a bug. Anyway, not a great start to the week. Mike then got up with her and cleaned her up every 10 minutes through the night when she was ill. She started to pick up at about 8:00 and soon went off to the grandparents so that we could sleep.

I was sick once and worried that I would get worse, but got better quickly. Bethany was fine in the day and mostly slept. Mike had a migraine on Tuesday and Bep and I were home. I realised that she had done a poo so got on my gloves as if I woke Mike he would just throw up everywhere and take longer to get better. I took off her trousers and noticed she had some poo on her sock. On dear. Then I looked at myself: there was poo on my shirt, belt and jeans. I started to freak out. Then I saw the poo all over her trousers, legs and back. I took our clothes off and put them straight in the wash and wiped her down before giving her a quiet-as-possible bath. She was good and as soon as we were both clean and dressed I calmed down. It’s the thought of having to go into hospital that I don’t like.

Anyway, Connor woke up at 2:00 last night and was sick, and then again at 3:30. The good thing about 9 year olds is that they use the toilet to be sick in, rather than their  Mums. We all went back to bed at last.

Bethany woke up at 5:30. I went downstairs with her, she had some milk and we both fell asleep. At about 6:30 she coughed and then threw up all over me. I put on my gloves, changed her and myself, and went back to bed. The day shift took over.

They are both very sleepy today. On the plus side, we have some VIP visitors visiting us from tomorrow. 🙂 Also we have had a couple of lovely and generous food parcels recently, which has cheered me up.

Anyone who said “Stay away from germs.” While knowing that I have a toddler has a sick sense of humour.


Author: Alex

I work in a college library, and love reading, writing and drawing. I am a breast cancer survivor.

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