The autumn leaves remind me



Life as a non-parent in a parent-centred world

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There’s an article doing the rounds on Facebook called ‘Seven Things Women Without Children Want Moms to Know’. It’s a decent article, I’ve seen a few times in the past year, and I’d recommend any parent to read it to open their understanding of what it’s like for those of us who live without children.

I’m a non-parent, and after reading it, I felt I had a few things to add. These are just my perspectives and I don’t claim to speak for all non-parents.

Let me choose

Sometimes I want to be around children, sometimes I don’t. Let me choose, and let me change my mind.

In the ‘Seven Things.’ blog, one participant said:

“I’ve rarely been invited to dinner parties at homes with people with kids. Or to life festivities: confirmations, holiday celebrations, graduations, etc. I’d like to be invited. Please let me decide if I…

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Walking through the trees

Walking through the trees on tiptoe

Collecting fallen leaves.

Trying not to wake Gruffalo

Best to leave him asleep.

Finding mushrooms (or fairy seats)

You can look but don’t eat.

This twig a branch for owls to stand

Or could it be Stick Man?

The air is heavy with wood-smoke.

Hard to see but so real

Just like








Why are all the best ones just 

Out of reach?

You stretch over the fence

Fingers extended

Face determined.

Nearly there…

Got one!

You eat greedily.

Purple juice stains your lips.