Intro: Why I’m Blogging

A post by my friend Becca.

Faith, Fertility and Me

It’s 2018 and my new year’s resolution is to write a blog. Why? Well, I think I have a story to tell and I’m narcissistic enough to believe people may want to read it, but not committed enough to write a book (flippin’ millennials). So blogging it is.

Storytelling is the essential human activity. The harder the situation, the more essential it is.

Tim O’Brien

This blog is my well-meaning attempt to write about faith, fertility and me, in that order of importance.

As a young married woman with a decent income, a mortgage, two cats and no children, I sometimes get asked: ‘Have you thought about having kids?’ This question is getting more frequent the older I get. It seems people I barely know feel morally obliged to remind me that my ‘body-clock is ticking’ and ‘it’s all downhill at 30’.

The truth is my husband and I have…

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