But for now, just sleep.

Slowly, I open the door.

Quietly, I walk in.

Flat out on your back

And arms spread wide like a hug,

You sleep.


Gently, your breath,

In and out,

In and out,

Fills my heart.


Too soon, the day will start.

Rushing around,

Getting ready for school,

Hurrying out the house.

But for now, just sleep.


Golden hair cascades in waves

Over the pillow.

Eyelids flicker ceaselessly.

Of what do you dream?


You do not know that I am here.

You do not know how grateful I am

To be so.

Soon the day will begin.

But for now, my beautiful girl,

Just sleep.


Softly you breathe,

In and out,

In and out.

And every breath sounds like









If another hour was added to every day, I think that I would be very boring and sleep. I do have an excuse – I have a 16 month old and I work.

But if I couldn’t have this luxury, I would love to use this bonus time for reading a good book or catching up on my scrapbooking (which I haven’t done for months because life is rushing by too quickly. I have so many good photos to scrap, it’s such a pity that Summer’s memories won’t be recorded until at least next Spring.)