Most of the TV that you watch,

websites that you visit,

and even books that you read

will be soon forgotten.

But walking in the woods

on a warm Autumn day,

jumping in the leaves,

feeling the crunch of

red, orange, yellow

beneath your feet,

watching your kids play,

this is what memories are made of.

autumn leaves


The yellow leaves are falling
Like cheerful confetti at a wedding.
They sound like gentle rainfall-
I stop and listen.
I realise that it is raining,
ever so softly, like a spring shower.

The tread of my trainers is softened
like I’m walking on a cosy rug,
snuggling up in front of a crackling fire
and toasting marshmallows.

The frost on the grass is still hard
and crunchy
like rice crispy squares.

Soon the sun will come out
from behind the clouds
and the frost will melt.
But for now, it’s beautiful

.Autumn trees Nov 14