Hello 2016

happy 2016

I am not usually a fan of new year – nothing personal, it’s just that I am bored with ‘chasing a good time.’ But this new year was better than normal. Not because we did anything special, but because it was the end of a rubbish year. And I am still here to see in 2016, which is nice.

There were actually some good things that happened in 2015- Milly visited from Canada; my sister Laura and my neices visited from Mauritius ; and a lovely family holiday to Portland. But they were somewhat overshadowed by the cancer diagnosis, I think it’s fair to say.

I am just to happy that the worst is behind us, and we can move on and look forward to a healthier 2016. Of course, anything could happen, and I’m not at the end of my cancer journey just yet (does it ever end?) – I start radiotherapy tomorrow. Five weeks of making an 80-mile round trip every week day. It’s not going to be the highlight of my year, but I am not particularly worried about it. Yes, there may be some side-effects, but nothing as bad as chemo, and hopefully nothing long-term.

I do plan to work (part-time) all the way through my rads – every morning before getting a lift to Oxford. I will probably be tired. I can cope with tiredness- I’ve certainly had enough practice.

My husband Mike will be driving me most days, which means that he won’t be able to get much work done ’til February. We should be ok. We have been so far – if there is one thing that I have a lot of faith for, it’s money. Not lots of money, just enough.

Thankfully, a few awesome sorts have already volunteered to make meals for us during my treatment, and some are going to be my chauffeur on certain days. Cheers guys! 🙂



Author: Alex

I work in a college library, and love reading and writing. I write short stories, poetry, blogs and children's stories. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2015.

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