6 weeks

My operation was six weeks ago. I am healing well and almost back to normal, although I still can’t carry very much.

I visited work today for the first time in months. It was so nice to see my lovely team again and it didn’t feel strange at all. I am looking forward to going back to work soon, partly because it will mean having a bit more normailty in my life after what feels like a very long time.

I will need five weeks of radiotherapy, starting either in December or January. I had hoped that I wouldn’t need it. The surgeon removed all of the lymph nodes in my left arm during surgery, and five had cancerous cells. If you have four, you are given radiotherapy. My surgeon said that it isn’t urgent, just preventative.

It’s going to be a right pain, having to drive up to Oxford (30 miles) every day for the rads. I wish that Swindon had the machines, it would have made my life so much easier. This way, you have to allow at least an hour each way, for only a 5 minute appointment. It’s difficult to work around kids’ school runs, dinner times etc too.

Brighter futures

Swindon Great Western Hospital is currently rasing funds for a new radiotherapy centre. It’s lead by Brighter Futures. You can read more about the appeal here. They still have a very long way to go.

My husband Mike is taking part in a 5km run, the Reindeer Run, on 6 December, to help raise funds for this. If you would like to donate, please see Mike’s fundraising page here.

I saw my surgeon today for some expansion, and although I haven’t completely healed, there is a better, more natural shape now. The needle that the doctor used was huge and full of saline. It didn’t hurt at all, in fact I couldn’t feel anything. I did laugh as he was filling me up, and said how odd it was. He said that he does it so often that he doesn’t think of it as strange anymore.

I used to love Richard Scarry books as a child, and one of them showed children what adults with different jobs did. What do people do all day?

I don’t remember reading anything like my recent experience in the book!





Author: Alex

I work in a college library, and love reading, writing and drawing. I am a breast cancer survivor.

3 thoughts on “6 weeks”

  1. What a positive post! I am sorry about the local hospital! Good people coming together can change things though!

    I work for Macmillan Cancer Support. In 2005 I had breast cancer, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, maybe I understand a little! Now my job is in fundraising, so that other people have the support they need 🙂

    I know you have a mission and raising funds locally is absolutely the right thing to do, as is talking about it!

    You might like to also look at Macmillan.org.uk and consider being a Cancer Voice or finding likeminded others on our Community. We also run online courses on LearnZone or you might like those available from lots of UK universities on Futurelearn (I don’t know what you do?) all free ways to pass the time positively!

    And please write and write, so that everyone knows what it is like!

    Thank you 🙂

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