It’s Hallowe’en again – the ugliest time of the year

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Yesterday while on my regular walk, I was winding my way through the residential streets of Vancouver. And I found myself increasingly disturbed by the proliferation of Hallowe’en decorations in the front yards of these quiet little streets.

From giant spiders to tattered ghosts, and severed heads, skeletons, dismembered bodies, blood splatters, half dug graves and disfigured faces. Some were more towards the comical end of the scale, while others were truly gruesome and macabre.

I always struggle at this time of year. I just don’t like Hallowe’en. I’ve never been a fan of horror movies or thriller fiction, and I don’t enjoy violence as entertainment. In truth, I don’t get the fascination for trying to scare one another. So this ‘holiday’ doesn’t really attract me.

But my dislike of it goes deeper than that, to feeling disturbed in my spirit.

I’ve had many conversations over the years, with both…

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I work in a college library, and love reading, writing and drawing. I am a breast cancer survivor.

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