Doris was teaching her granddaughter to cook. Tonight they were doing bangers and mash with peas and gravy.

“Always be very careful with sharp knives,” Doris instructed as she chopped up a potato to show Lauren how best to do it.

“Yes Gran,” nodded Lauren seriously.

“Please get the peas out the freezer for me,” asked Doris, “they are behind the ice-cream.”

Lauran ran to the freezer, eager to help.

“Oooh, can we please have ice-cream for dessert, Gran?” She asked, eyeing up the expensive chocolate treat.

“Well, I have made an apple pie…”


“But you can ice-cream with it, instead of cream if you like.”

“Yes please!”

Lauren brought the large bag of peas over, and Doris showed her how to carefully tip it into the pot of hot water.

“You need about a handful of peas per person…” well, your hands are quite small, so maybe two hands full if you are measuring.” Smiled Doris.

Lauren nodded sagely. She popped a pea into her mouth. It was freezing cold but delicious.

“Now it’s time to wash the potatoes. Can you see that I have chopped them all into a similar size?”


“Good. Give them all a quick wash in the sink while I…”

The phone rang and Doris went to answer it. It was her friend Muriel. Muriel was having husband trouble again. She was on her forth and still couldn’t seem to work men out. Doris kept telling her that she shouldn’t over think marriage – men are very simple creatures after all – but Muriel never listened.

“I must go, Muriel,” Doris interrupted her friend’s tale of a recent holiday to Rome that had gone sour after her husband’s argument with a greengrocer over the correct colour of aubergines.

“My granddaughter Lauren is here and I’m teaching her to cook.”

“How delightful!” Replied Muriel. “All of my grandchildren are complete ruffians. I blame their parents, of course.”

“Of course, well, nice to speak to you again. And good luck with the lawsuit.”

“Thanks Doris. Bye.”

Doris hung up the phone and rubbed her eyes wearily. She must check on Lauren, she really shouldn’t have left her with a kitchen full of sharp knives and bubbling pots…

“Hi Gran. I put the potatoes in the water to boil. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Not at all. You’ve done a great job.” Doris was just relieved that there hadn’t been any accidents.

She switched off the peas; put the sausages under the grill; and showed Lauren how to make gravy. She used the packed stuff, even if it wasn’t the ‘proper’ way to do it. Life’s too short after all.

When the potatoes had cooked, Lauren enjoyed mashing them.

“It’s quite difficult, isn’t it Gran?” She asked.

“Yes, it’s a good workout for your arm muscles,” she agreed.

Doris added a little ground black pepper and sea salt to the potatoes, as well as some butter and milk.

“I can’t wait to try those potatoes!” Grinned Lauren.

“They do look lovely, don’t they?” Agreed Doris.

Lauren set the table while Doris called Granddad and Lauren’s little sister Jo to the table.

“Bless this food to our bodies and bless Gran and Lauren for making it, and thank you Jesus for ice-cream too.” Prayed Jo before they all tucked in.

Doris was very pleased with her first attempt at teaching her grandchild to cook. She took a forkful of mash and gravy. Mmm… yuk!

Doris spat out the mouthful, much to Jo’s delight.

“Gran! You spat out your food! That is very naughty!” Screeched the little girl.

Lauren pulled a face and also spat her food out.


“Um Lauren dear, when you washed the potatoes earlier, did you use soap as well?” Doris asked.

“Yes Gran. Mummy taught me how to wash dishes, so I know how to do it.” Replied Lauren with a frown. “But they don’t taste very good ,do they?”

“No darling. Not to worry – Charlie, I think we’ll order a takeaway pizza for dinner instead.”

“Good idea.” Agreed her husband.

“Don’t worry Gran, Daddy says that not everyone can teach.” Smiled Lauren.

Author: Alex

I work in a college library, and love reading, writing and drawing. I am a breast cancer survivor.

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